Improve Your Content With These Visual Enhancements

Majority of internet users today have shorter attention spans than they once had long ago. In the past, we were more willing to sit down and read a book, newspaper or magazine. Today, people have grown accustomed to using the internet to do most of their research. Since there is so much content to sift through, folks like to skim rather than read. This is why web content is designed differently than print content. It’s also why it’s the most consumed today. With the assistance of a professional SEO service, you can improve your content to suit today’s consumers.

One way this is being done is with visual elements. Today’s internet users are highly visual beings, which means you need to ensure your content has some form of imagery.

Visual Content is Effective and Affordable

Direct marketing once consisted of direct mail letters, which later transitioned over to emails. Visual content, such as video, allows brands to provide the same effect and generate the same, if not better, results. Videos and images have proven to be cost-effective and a no-brainer way to engage users. Numbers collected from Facebook show posts with images receive 2.3 times more user engagement. This is likely why 74 percent of social media marketers implement visual content within their posts.

Quality Images Are a Must

The photos you select for your content and posts should, first and foremost, be relevant to your content. Just make sure that they are high quality and not stolen from another source. It’s great to have photographs taken by your brand, so that it’s not generic. Consistency is key, so don’t slack here. If anything, hire professional SEO services to take care of it for you.

Don’t Ignore Video

Brands are still getting away with ignoring the evolution video is bringing to content marketing. However, this won’t be possible for much longer. Syndacast predicts that 2017 will have 74 percent of online traffic stemming from video content. If you decide to jump on the bandwagon, make sure you are generating footage that’s high-definition, such as 4K and aerial footage. You can even go as far as to hire a PPC management company to create video ads for your brand to be displayed on websites and social media.

GIFs Are Gaining Traction

GIFs have already been integrated into majority of social media sites. They have been found to enhance interactions with customers and boost user engagement. There are different ways you can implement them into your content, such as by adding popular ones to your posts on social media, emails and blogs. Another option is to create GIFs combining several photos of your product into one. It’s a clever way to showcase a new product or show how a certain feature can be used.

Need help with making your content visually appealing? Enlist the services of a professional SEO agency!

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